Treatments are consistently safe, gentle, and effective. Treatments rendered are specific to each patient’s need with precision and rational thinking. On each visit, patients are examined and assessed structurally using palpation through a well-recognized system (Osteopathic Structural Examination). Treatments are suitable for:
  • All ages
  • Chronic or Acute conditions
  • Reducing or eliminating pain with no trauma
  • Circulatory/Digestive/Respiratory problems
  • Rehabilitation
  • Maintaining good health


The initial consultation and treatment require each new patient to fill out a health history and consent form. Treatments are fully clothed and it is recommended to bring a change of loose comfortable clothing like jogging or stretchy pants, t-shirt or tank top to allow the body to be moved. 
Duration: Approximately 45 minutes.


Follow-up treatments will vary based on each patient’s health needs and their body’s ability to heal. Typically patients will significantly improve after 3-5 treatments. In some serious or chronic cases, longer treatment plan may be required. Duration: Approximately 30 minutes.